BuckleySandler represents corporate and individual clients in a wide range of civil and criminal litigation matters, including appeals, as well as in arbitrations and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings domestically and internationally. We are routinely in courtrooms across the country defending the nation’s leading banks, insurers, mortgage lenders and servicers, credit card issuers, and auto lenders and retailers in government enforcement, class actions, mass actions, and complex civil litigation. We also have extensive experience handling parallel proceedings that arise in these matters and are often able to achieve favorable results – whether by litigation, negotiation, or a combination of the two – for our clients.

Our attorneys have been responsible for achieving groundbreaking successes for the financial services industry in a wide variety of disputes. We consistently prevail for clients in some of the most high-profile and important litigation affecting the financial services industry and other enforcement and complex civil litigation matters.

Chambers USA 2014 recognized our expertise and success by ranking BuckleySandler in Band 1 (the top rating) for consumer finance litigation, and placing three firm lawyers in Chambers’ list of the top fifteen consumer finance litigation attorneys in the country.

Our deep bench of litigators – including a number with extensive government trial experience, as well as thirteen former U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and numerous additional former U.S. District Court law clerks – combined with our focus on financial services matters makes us a “go-to” law firm for the financial services industry facing class action and civil and criminal litigation challenges. Our attorneys know and understand the challenges impacting the financial services industry and thus do not have extensive “learning curves” on the substance of litigation matters.


With more than 150 attorneys focused on financial services matters, we have the systems and resources in place to handle multi-district litigation, including class actions, large-scale document review, and ESI requests, and other resource intensive matters, yet remain responsive and hands-on when it comes to providing outstanding client service.

Parallel Matters

With a strong regulatory and enforcement background, BuckleySandler frequently handles complex parallel proceedings involving concurrent government enforcement and civil litigation, multiple class actions, congressional investigations, and derivative actions.

Risk Mitigation Services

BuckleySandler’s strength in litigation matters allows us to help our clients avoid litigation in the first instance – by drawing on our vast litigation experience to provide comprehensive risk management and compliance advice and helping our clients navigate regulatory examinations. In addition, we frequently utilize the knowledge and experience developed in litigation and enforcement matters to assist in due diligence for clients considering strategic partnerships or acquisitions and to advise clients regarding the acquisition approval process.

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Yankov, Tihomir Associate 202.349.7936 Washington, DC

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