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Jonice Gray Tucker and Benjamin Olson Quoted in Compliance Week Article on CFPB Investigation Tactics

Jonice Gray Tucker, Benjamin K. Olson

Jonice Gray Tucker and Benjamin Olson were quoted in Joe Mont's June 11 Compliance Week article, "Critics Say CFPB Investigation Tactics are Overly Broad, Expensive."

The CFPB may be seeking a vast amount of information “because they don't quite know what they need” as they initially dig into operations, says Jonice Gray Tucker, a partner with the law firm Buckley Sandler, who represents corporate and individual clients in federal and state enforcement agency investigations. “They are concerned about leaving stones unturned, so they are requesting a comprehensive set of information," she says.

Benjamin Olson, former deputy assistant director for the Office of Regulations at the CFPB, joined Buckley Sandler as an attorney late last month. In his opinion, the Bureau operates with a tight deadline because it wants to protect consumers from scams. “It views its mission as protecting consumers and ensuring that the laws that are on the books are complied with. Consequently, if Bureau staff is concerned about the possibility of consumer harm, they want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

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